Testimonials for Ayrton Lodge: 17 Ayrton St, Te Atatu Sth

1: Ayrton Lodge is so convenient for travel on bus/train to city and work in West Auckland like in New Lynn or Henderson

2: Big huge house so we can hide away from each other.

3: Two stoves in the kitchen so plenty of cooking facilities and this is a huge kitchen too.

4: We have Sky TV in the sitting room and the house and rooms are very warm.

5: The owners try to repair things quickly if something breaks down. They even put in a new shower and toilet a while ago. And they gave us a coin operated drier and washing machine too.

6: We all get unlimited internet into our rooms, so I am happy with that.

7: Huge house, off streetcar-parking, Sky tv on in the sitting which is great.

8: We all get together to watch the rugby some nights.

Testimonials for Riversdale Lodge: 17 Riversdale Rd, Avondale

1: Good place to start with, living together with some great friends and trouble-free.

2: Riversdale Lodge is clean, safe and secure environment close to public transport bus/train/laundromats and new Lynn shopping mall. I have been residing at the lodge for a few years and happy to follow the rules of the lodge. Thank you.

3: Secure and very safe accommodation. Well maintained with onsite cleaner. No drugs and alcohol-free site. Suitable for mature people. For security reasons no visitors onsite without prior approval from management. Friendly and caring long-term tenants.

4: It is the best place I have stayed the people here have a great welcome to new visitors and I feel really safe so one happy man it is a great place to live.

5: Riversdale Lodge is nearly always full, with no empty rooms. That is because it is safe, and we all get on.

6: On-site custodian makes this hostel a safe place to live (resident, July 2016)

7: I have lived her for two years now. Great quiet and friendly hostel.

8: It is super dooper great.

9: It is very comfortable and homely.

Testimonials for Heart of Avondale Hostel: 2004 Great Nth Rd, Avondale

1: This place is clean - I am a union rep and so know these things.

2: Several people have commented on travel convenience bus/train. I want to come back here.

3: This place is so clean!

4: Claudia from Italy has recommended us to get her USA friend to stay who is coming soon to N.Z.

5: This is so friendly it is like being in a family.

6: A quiet and well managed hostel.

7: A person from Netherlands - skyping her friend - he says I want to come to this hostel. She says - no we are full! Just overheard this morning!!

8: It's more like a home than a boarding house.

9: Congratulations you have made us into a community.

10: I like it here everyone is so friendly (shortly after she arrived from Brazil).