About Us

About Us

What do we offer?

We offer fair-priced rooms in a secure, safe and clean environment to live-in.

Why rent with us?

For the high level of cleanliness and security

For the alcohol/drug free living and a custodian on-site.

What is our reputation?

We have an excellent reputation in Avondale and Te Atatu for being an accommodation provider that looks after its residents. We try to go the extra mile.

Are the team professional?

The owner and his manager have many years of experience of managing this type of accommodation. They both try to work cross-culturally and listen to the residents.

What tenancy agreement do residents sign?

Residents sign the standard NZ government boarding house tenancy agreement that comes under the Residential Tenancy Act. They also sign a list of the house rules and an insulation statement.

What is provided in each room?

All rooms are very clean and tidy with either lino or carpet on the floors. Each room has a desk, chair, heater, bed, mattress, a set of drawers, a small fridge, cupboard and/or a clothes hangar. We do not provide pillows, sheets or duvets / blankets. The rent covers all expenses / outgoings such as electricity, water and unlimited internet and a cleanr for the common areas and bathrooms.

Our Team

Nilantha (Neil) Mallagala

Neil is the rental manager. He takes all the phone calls and emails from new residents, interviews new residents, sorts out rents, visits places regularly to answer any questions from residents, helps with some cleaning, talks to the custodians and keeps an eye on the repairs and maintenance that need to be done.

T. Pascal Brown

Pascal is a New Zealander and the owner. He assists Neil with the furniture, rubbish gardening and repairs/maintenance.